Frequently Asked Questions


Are there resources available for developing a job description for a grant professional?

Sample job descriptions (GPA Members Only) for a variety of roles involving grant development are available on the Grant Professionals Association web site.

Can you help me find a grant consultant?

Looking for a consultant or a consultant mentor? Check out the resources available through the GPA Consultants Directory or find a Credentialed Grant Professional. 

Can you help me find a job in the grants field?

We recommend checking these two LinkedIn groups for information on job postings in the grants field:

Other good resources include the Chronicle of Philanthropy and

Can you help us find a grant professional to meet our organization's needs?

If you are recruiting for a job in the grants field, we would be happy to share your posting with the members of GPA NJ through our LinkedIn group. Please provide us with a working link to a job description that includes information on how to apply. Send your information to President Denise Katula

Are there any grant consultants you can recommend?

Contact GPA NJ President Denise Katula  for assistance in identifying a member that provides consulting services in your area.

Can you recommend anyone to provide information on grants development for our upcoming conference or event?

Contact GPA NJ President Denise Katula for assistance in identifying a member that provides training services in your area.


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